Register Your Account

What is it?

You need to provide a phone number or alternate email address in case you need to reset your password.

Password Recovery Registration

1. Go to http://aka.ms/ssprsetup

2. Enter your provided email address and password. Click "Sign in"

Microsoft SSPR login screen

3. Enter your provided user name and password. Click "Log In".

STS login screen
STS login screen example

4. Set up an authentication phone number and/or email address.
Select your preference by clicking "Set it up now". These steps can be completed in any order.

Active Directory alternate authentications not configured example

5. Provide your contact information: email address or phone number. Click "text me", "call me", or "email me" as you prefer.

Alternate authentication setup via email
Alternate authentication setup via phone

6. Input the provided code from your phone or email. Click "verify".

Active Directory alternate authentications verify example

7. Once you've setup all the alternate methods you wish, click "finish".

Active Directory alternate authentications configured example


Your account should be set up. In rare cases, HR might need up to 24 hours to finish your setup.

Next Step - Reset your password

Next Step - Reset your password

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